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        • Mission

          Everything is connected

        • Vision

          Be a trusted smart IoT platform builder

        • Values

          Dartz is good at the world, but in fact he is constant


      Conscience is the core of Yangming's mind. Mr. Yang Ming believes that "caching knowledge" is the conscience that comes to my heart. Everyone has a conscience and is self-sufficient. It is an internal force that does not fake external forces. "To conscience" means to realize conscience and unite knowledge and action in actual actions.

      In August 2018, Chairman Liu Bang was invited to participate in the "Annual Meeting of Listed Companies in Baoan District", and for the first time contacted Mr. Bai Lixin, founder of Beijing Zhilian Courtyard, and Ms. Zhang Liping, Secretary General;


      In the nearly one year from December 2018 to the present, more than 1,200 people from the chairman, senior management, and management to ordinary employees have participated in the systematic conscience course. The number of employees who have persisted in learning the original text of "Being Conscience" and checking in their experience has exceeded 2,000.

      Dash Intelligence's management and employees are practicing with their own efforts and wisdom"To conscience",With the company mission and philosophy as the criterion, make unremitting efforts to make the company a world-class company!


      Dashi3.0 "心"The birth of the strategy allows us to reach and serve end users directly, and win customers, and then ignite the passion of our employees and release endless power in our hearts!

      It is to exert the power of conscience and commerce, use the power of science and technology to start from the heart, create a source of innovation and motivation, benefit and achieve customers, and achieve a long-lasting foundation. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation contributes.

      To conscience and results

      Six touch points of Dash 3.0 strategy

      • First contact
      • 正式拜訪
      • 合同簽約
      • 項目開工
      • 設備進場
      • 項目竣工
      In-depth communication, understand the silent call of customers

      Provide customers with a basic brochure of the marketing team of this project team






      開工儀式上播放公司融合致良知內容的成長及發展歷程的視頻; 向甲方及監理方項目組提供達實項目實施團隊成員的基本介紹冊




      給客戶送上一本影集,記錄項目過程心與心的鏈接; 與客戶共同發表項目建設論文或申請專利。

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