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      Postdoc Recruitment

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      • Postdoctoral Researcher
        Human Resources
        Xiong'an New District
        Job Responsibilities:


        The company is a post-doctoral workstation with an annual salary of 30-40 million in the station. After two years out of the station, you can apply for a talent subsidy of 180 million in five years.

        research direction1

        Architect's IoT IoT cloud platform solution architecture design work, solve the problems of the current solution, adjust the existing system architecture, so that it can meet cloud-based deployment, and elaborate the architecture level Planning and development specifications, guiding developers to conduct development and technical research based on the architecture.

        job requirements:

        1, Computer or control major, research direction is cloud platform, internet of things or data algorithm

        2、Familiar with virtualization technology (KVM , XEN , Vmvare , etc.), cloud computing technology, distributed platform, mainstream open source cloud computing platform, container technology , Linux kernel, such as OpenStack , CloudStack , Docker , etc., for IaaS / PaaS The platform architecture has a deep understanding, and has the design and development experience of relational and non-relational databases, such as MySQL , SQL Server , MongoDB 

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