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      Home > About Us > Social Responsibility

      Dashi Smart actively fulfills corporate social responsibility

      As of 2018, Dashi Intelligent has accumulated ...


      Providing travel security services for nearly 3.4 billion people


      Provide quality medical environment and protection directly to nearly 40 million...


      8.28 million kilowatt-hours of electricity


      Das Smart AIoT Smart IoT Exhib...

      Adhering to the core concept of "Das benefits all the people in the world with perseverance", Das Intellitech actively undertakes corporate social responsibility and strives to become an outstanding corporate citizen. It has set up the first science

      Xiong Andasi Intelligent Techn...

      Dashing Intelligence extends science education work to Xiong'an New District, and sets up the Xiong'an Dash Green Smart New City Exhibition Hall. The solutions displayed match the seven key tasks of Xiong'an New District, with a total area of 1,600 s

      DasJiuxin Medical Technology E...

      Relying on the advantages of independent research and development technology, Dashi Intelligence is the only company in China with the ability to build a smart medical industry chain. In 2015, Jiangsu Dashi Jiuxin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was who